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VM inside a VM inside another VM

TL;DR: How do you call a tolopogy where you have virtual machine inside virtual machine inside another virtual machine? Virtual machine inception.

I need to help to setup facilities for a kernel seminar. Each participant must have a virtual machine. This VM provided by the company that organizes the seminar.

The company sent me this VM. It was made in newest VMware player. For some reason, after googling a lot, and following few guides, I couldn’t add it to my old ESXi server. I guess VMware didn’t make this software back compatible.

So instead, i took an easy way out. I created a VM, and installed several VMs inside the 1st VM. I am limited to 8 cores for the 1st VM. So I cloned this one also.

I decided to call this setup “virtual machine inception”. As this reminded me of the movie “inception”, where the protagonist goes into a dream, and within the dream goes into another dream.