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TMUX cheat sheet

Tmux is a terminal that I often use. Great benefits are if ssh disconnects the terminal remains and if I run some command, it continues to run. Other benefit is same screen for two or more ssh connections.

These are more common basic command to use in tmux

Start a new session with a specific name

tmux new -s session-5

By default , after entering the command “tmux”, sessions are named with a number

List sessions tmux ls

tim@tim-linux:~$ tmux ls
0: 2 windows (created Sun Oct 11 13:10:12 2020) (attached)
session-5: 1 windows (created Tue Oct 13 11:26:48 2020)

There are two sessions in this computer, named 0 and session-5.

Connect to specific session

tmux attach -t session-5

I”ll use C^ to specify CONTROL and M^ to specify ALT button. The control character for tmux is C^b. After this combination is pressed user enters control mode and perform actions like copy and paste, split windows etc.

Split session vertically

C^b %

Split session horizontally

C^b "

The result of splitting first vertically then horizontally looks like the following:

Navigate between open windows

C^b arrows

Open new window

C^b c

Detach – exit from tmux, but leave the session running

C^b d

To copy in tmux, first click C^b [. With arrows go to desired text click C^SPACE. Select desired text with arrows. Click M^w. Text copied.

To paste go to desired location to paste , click C^b ]

Tar cheat sheet

I don’t use tar very often. However every time I do, I don’t remember the switches and options. So I am making this post in order to remember the basics of the tar command.

Store files in a new archive (option -c), in file name arch.tar (option -f indicates file name), while show all output (-v).

tar -c -v -f arch.tar .

This will be the same as :

tar -cvf arch.tar .

From now on will use a short way of giving commands to the tar.

To archive files with compression add switch for compression. For gzip add -z:

tar -cvzf arch.tar .

List files (-t) within the archive (-f) arch.tar, while showing verbose output (-v) :

tar -tvf arch.tar

Extract files (-x) from archive (-f) arch.tar, while showing verbose output (-v):

tar -xvf arch.tar

Extract to specific directory use -C switch.

tar -xvf arch.tar -C arch